Corehost is based in Somerville, Massachusetts. We have datacenter space in Marlborough, MA and Paris, France. Our customers are typically - but not exclusively - people and organizations who "know what they are doing" and/or care about software freedom.

What we stand for:

  • No nonsense
    No hidden fees. No artificial restrictions. If it's technically possible, we'll see if we can implement it.
  • Flexibility
    We pride ourselves on being flexible. If you have a specific need, just ask.
  • Software freedom
    Free software is superior to proprietary software in many ways, most importantly ethically. We choose our tools and suppliers carefully so as to support the free software cause as much as possible.

    Tools: corehost does not use proprietary software unless there is absolutely no alternative. We go pretty far in this respect: corehost is the first and only hosting provider worldwide to deploy servers that run coreboot, a free software BIOS replacement. Our servers and workstations run Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Our serial console servers are made by Opengear, and they are nearly 100% free software. The only remaining pieces of non-free software in our network are currently inevitable bits of low-level firmware in our computers, and the firmware of our switched PDUs.

    Suppliers: where possible, we choose suppliers that share our commitment to free software. For instance, we do all our domain registrations via Gandi, who support Debian as well as other free software projects.
  • Fifteen years of experience
    We've been in the hosting business since 2001.

Contact information:

Corehost is a service offered by JHV Consulting USA.