Managed hosting

Sometimes things are easier with a bit of help. Corehost provides managed server hosting for those occasions where you'd rather focus on your business, not on the technical aspects of keeping your server online.


You can spec out a virtual server with our calculator. Please indicate that you would like a managed server, and also provide us with a general idea of the software stack you'd like to run on the server (for instance, 'Ruby on Rails').


There is a minimum fee of $150/month for managed hosting, which does not include the hosting costs. For this fee, you get up to 2 hours of support per month, which will be used to keep your machine up to date with security patches and to do day to day systems management. Any additional support requests on your part will also be applied to those two hours/month, in 15 minute increments. These 2 support hours do not carry over month to month.


If you require additional support for your machine, that support will be billed at $125/hour for commercial organizations ($75/hour for non profits and private persons).


If you like, you can have full root access to your managed server.


Managed hosting includes:

  • application of security patches and system upgrades for distrubution packages
  • day to day systems management
  • monitoring of your server, with e-mail and/or text message alerts
  • offsite backups
  • e-mail support