Corehost's virtual servers are very flexible. You pay for the resources you need, nothing more. Try the virtual server calculator!

Virtual server pricing

  • CPU: $10 per shared core
  • Disk: $1 per gigabyte (SSD)
  • RAM: $1 per 256M
  • Bandwidth: $8.25 per 512Kbps (calculated on 95th percentile)
  • Onsite backup space: $2 per gigabyte
  • Offsite backup space: $5 per gigabyte
  • No setup fee in most cases (some limitations apply)
All prices are monthly. Please e-mail us for details or use the calculator below.

Virtual server facts

  • Debian or Ubuntu server install.
  • Full root access.
  • Virtual servers are Xen domUs.
  • Out of band reboot and console access is included.
  • All disk space is implemented in a fully redundant fashion. All data is stored on 2 disks in RAID1.
  • Bandwidth is multi-homed between Internap and AT&T.
  • Bandwidth is billed based on the 95th percentile rule.
  • IP addresses are allocated based on justifiable need (no fee).
  • The colocation facility is located in Marlborough, Massachusetts.
  • Virtual servers require a 3 month minimum commitment.
  • Virtual servers are invoiced up front, quarterly or at your option (bi-)annually.

Virtual server calculator

You can use the form below to estimate virtual server cost. Please note that the results from this calculator do not constitute a binding quote. To request a formal quote, click the 'Request a quote' button below.
CPU: shared core(s) $ 0 / month
Disk (SSD) GB
Bandwidth: Mbit/sec (95th percentile)
Onsite backup disk: GB
Offsite backup disk: GB
  Please provide some information about your server. The 'Server name' field is a short, one word name for your server. The 'Fqdn' field is the fully qualified domain name you want to appear in reverse dns lookups. The 'Ssh public key' field is the ssh public key for intial ssh access to this server.  
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